Taurus astrology sign meaning

They can initiate, but their true gifts emerge when they're able to sink deeply into an ongoing project.

The fixed signs have a remarkable ability to persevere, and often they're models of solo productivity. They enjoy those peak moments of achievement but seem most at home with themselves when immersed in a sustained, worthwhile, challenging pursuit.

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Each of the fixed signs creates stability through the vehicle of their element. For fixed fire Leo this can mean a career of self-expression and ongoing respect in their chosen fields.

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For fixed water Scorpio , permanence is found through achievement and going deep into the timeless mysteries of the imagination, dreams, primal sexuality. Some water-bearers are dogmatic and even condescending to those that don't "get" their genius.

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Taurus moves slowly and deliberately and wants to create things that last. The gift of fixed signs is that they can stick with something to the end. But it's hard for them to let go, even when something appears to be a lost cause. They're not known for their flexibility and have a harder time with change than the other qualities. On bad days, they can be rigid, stubborn, and petulant.


We know what we have, but not what we get. We sow and we reap, we are born and we die, winter is followed by spring and summer by autumn.

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These things remain the same, and man does best to faithfully adapt to them. The Taurus horoscope trait is to observe and respect what the hands can touch, while the rest is more or less something of the imagination and should be dealt with accordingly. So, the Taurus Zodiac sign makes it a point to be slow to adapt to new things, whether they be inventions or emotions.

But when finally a change is adapted, that will be the norm forever on. The archetype of the Taurus Zodiac sign in the horoscope is the farmer, making use of the soil and remaining close to nature. But cultivating it and feeding of it, not just passively marvelling at its beauty.

According to Taurus, beauty is something of the imagination. The Taurus horoscope archetype: American Gothic.

The Taurus Characteristics in Astrology

Painting by Grant Wood, Feelings, on the other hand, are alive in the Taurus horoscope, although they can also be said to stem from the imagination. But they are felt, as clearly as if belonging to the senses, so Taurus can indulge in them — be it cautiously at first. By time, they can grow to passion. Taurus has no objection to experiencing what it is to be alive.

Those with Taurus as their horoscope Zodiac sign are born with the sun in it, between April 20 and May For much more about the Taurus Zodiac sign influence in the horoscope, see the links in the menu to the left and below. English name: The Bull. The Taurus Zodiac sign, starting when spring makes everything in nature sprout, is the horoscope sign of the down-to-earth settler, with the traits of one who takes care of the land and everything on it. Those who have Taurus as their star sign are born when the sun was in Taurus, normally April 20 — May 20 it differs slightly from year to year, because of the leap years.

These are 7 Taurus personality traits the bull in your life will identify with.

Therefore, it is also — more accurately — called the sun sign. The sun in your horoscope is your natural self — what you are when you relax, when other planets in your horoscope are not active. You need to look at all the components of your birth chart, to get a complete astrological description of yourself.

If your star sign is Taurus, you are usually quite relaxed, sort of laid-back even when involved in something. The natural habitat for Taurus is working the soil, farming and handicrafts. Taurus is the sign of materialism, things concrete and solid. So, Taurus prefers to be concrete and work on things that are palpable and lead to just as palpable results. OMG, I forgot to pack a bra to change into after my sweaty workout—what do I do? Can fruits and veggies ever really be bad for you?

Why one healthy eating expert says we need to chill.

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