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November 23 natives are fairly casual when it comes to analyzing their past. They understand the need to take the good with the bad. When they become parents, they are usually liberal in their approach to discipline because they feel their kids will learn more about life if they're allowed to explore it freely. November 23 people derive pleasure from golf, tennis, and volleyball. Not only do these sports help keep them in shape, but they relieve tension and build self-esteem.

Religion often plays a vital role in their lives, giving them inner peace to withstand the pressures of life. November 23 men and women are drawn to careers that give them a chance to deal with large numbers of people. They have enormous leadership potential. They possess an entrepreneurial spirit and often profit from their ideas or products. The accumulation of a fortune is seldom their aim. November 23 people are curious about life and use their goals to take them on a journey of discovery. They appreciate the value of planning but also have a knack for taking advantage of circumstances.

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They live in the moment. Whatever destiny has in store, they accept. Jill M. It could be said that those of you born on this zodiac birthday have extra powers.

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You can bring out the best in people and have a way of getting what you want. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. My advice is to go to the class reunion and apologize to everyone who you treated with malice and discontent. You may find that most had forgiven you a long time ago and found the insults helpful and beneficial to them.

Occasionally, the November 23 birthday personality has been known to hurt a few feelings because of their candid honesty. You can be impulsive as well, Sagittarius. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! You should change the way you deal with people being late as this could drive you up a wall. You have very little patience, but you can change this behavior.

The November 23rd birthday personality is morally grounded. You have your faults but never expose them to the public. On the other hand, Sagittarius as people are idealists. When it comes to romance and love, you may have some disappointing experiences. The November 23 zodiac shows that you have a knack for picking the wrong people to give your trust and heart too.

You should know that there are bad and good people in this world. This Sagittarius birthday person has to understand that not everybody who smiles at you is your friend.


The November 23 horoscope shows that in your chosen career, you are a natural when it comes to working for the crowds or doing work as a group. Alternatively, you work well on your own.

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It is possible that you could be your boss. You have the potential to be successful in an enterprising business or as a regional manager. What Color Matches Your Personality?

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Try The Quiz Now!! Although, being rich is not necessarily your goal but rather, personal success is not. Material things hold little value to someone like you. As the November 23 zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you tend to live for today and do not plan for tomorrow. Test Now! Can we talk about your health? It seems that you are involved in activities that give you a certain satisfaction or peace.

These Sagittarius birthday people enjoy a good game of tennis or ball. This allows you to spend time with a friend and work off some stress. The better you feel and look because of this, you become more confident. We can see it in the way you walk. Keep up the good work, Sagittarius.

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